Yelp, that’s Southpark!

One of my favorite recent episodes is one where Southpark makes fun of all these yelpers. I have to admit, I was laughing my ass off. I was so good that called Tj, my boy who runs the Akron carpet cleaning company first and was like Dude, that was awesome!

Ok, so the show starts with all these restaurants and stores opening in Southpark. At a lot of these places, a way to get more customers are some positive reviews. Yelp was about to take over Southpark as everyone thought they were a yelp reviewer. Randy and Gerald go to try one of these spots which has a huge line. Gerald tells the host that he is a yelp reviewer and it is very important to get a table. They get that table and are ready to eat.

So of course our boy Cartman tries to take advantage of the whole Yelping situation and get free food and service. Big surprise right? Cartman also decides to act like a jerk to this bus boy named David. The next day, David is seen at Southpark school and when Cartman sees him, he makes him do some nasty stuff. Cartman always threatens him with a bad review if he doesn’t do what he said. Man, i’m shocked at Cartman, but I do have to admit, I was laughing!.

So, all of this yelping keeps happening and starts to quickly get out of hand. All these reviewers think they are so much more important than they actually are. The business owners are starting to get pissed! The owner of Whistling Willy’s gets so fed up that he starts to throw all the yelpers out! Was great! Once this happens, his restaurant actually gets more business than before! Ol Whistling Willy’s isn’t the only one getting rid of these yelpers. Other spots start doing the same and the owners start feeling good again.

Cartman starts to get frustrated as he is getting banned from different places and he can’t get his free food anymore. He calls a big meeting for all yelpers to come and discuss the problems in the food industry. The crowd is absolutely huge and each yelper thinks that he/she is the reason for the meeting. Cartman of course gives them a big speech about how their should only be one yelper and that is him. But none of the crowd catches on to cartman’s evil plan. The crowd starts to move and goes straight to good ol Whistling Willy’s and destroys the restaurant. The also have a beheading! But don’t worry, he wore a mascot outfit, haha so he didn’t actually lose his real head! The yelp reviews continue this rampage throughout the night.

Meanwhile, at school David is still being hesitant to cartman’s suggestions. David challenges the yelp reviewers leader, who isn’t cartman but he thinks he is. Then since every yelp reviewing thinks they are the leader, they all show up to fight David. Well luckily Kyle was there and helped David out. They decided that they can’t fight all these people. They will have to trick these morons into thinking they are important. They each get a gold medal which says that they are the greatest and most important food critic in the world. They deserve to get special treatment at all restaurants. But, that evil Kyle! They told the restaurants that anyone that comes in with a gold medal should have some tainted food. Nasty stuff happens to that food. I don’t really want to say what since it’s pretty disgusting, haha but use your imagination people. Cartman is one that eats this food everyday and can never tell the different. Great!

So ya, I was laughing my booty off for the duration of the show. Was great!!

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