Switching Gears to some Family Guy

Alright folks, I went through and explained some good South Park episodes already. I plan on discussing a Family Guy episode or two for the next few blog posts. So Tj, the owner of http://www.akronsbestcarpetcleaning.com and a buddy of mine says he never misses an episode. Usually at 9:32 pm on sunday afternoons I am getting a text from him recapping the show.


I don’t always have time to watch it so I don’t mind when he gives me some of his updates. I also have on demand through my cable company so I will be able to watch it a few days later. I also have netflix where I can watch all of the older shows when I have the time.

My favorite Family Guy episodes are the ones that are modeled off of Star Wars. I don’t know why I like them so much, maybe because I’m a big fan of star wars, but its good stuff.

I love how Stewie is always serving as Darth Vader. It definitely fits his personality. Lois is of course Princess Leia (sorry not sure how to spell that one). Peter takes the place of Hans Solo. He is actually very very funny at this part. Chris serves as the one and only Luke Skywalker. Brian is …… wait for it….. wait for it….Chewy! Yes i know, was tough one to figure out. Quagmier serves as C3P0 and cleveland is R2D2.

I like how they set up the characters, they put some thought into this episode for sure. The only one I can’t really remember is what Meg’s character is. She could be the evil emperor because I dont remember who that is either.

Probably the funniest one of all is old Herbert the perverted old guy. He is OB Won Kanobi…yes i am butchering all these names, haha. It is, what it is!

So the story follows that of episode 4. I have to admit, I was laughing my ass off the whole time this was on TV. The writers put the typical Family Guy spin on the Star Wars theme. They go through the usual features of actual Star Wars. The way Princess Leia got kidnapped. The bots being sent to Hoth and the skywalkers getting ahold of them.

OB Wan and Luke team-up to chase after them and rescue the princess. First off they have to meet Hans (Peter) and Chewy (Brian). These guys are hilarious. Brian even does the “Waka Waka” quote that Fozzy Bear from the muppets always does. Funny, just funny!

I will be taking you folks down the road and might recap what the rest of these episodes are. I think the first one was an hour long, but just covered Episode 4. I know they made the other episodes as well, but I have no clue what season or anything that they are. The Blue Harvest is the name of the first one and that is in Season 6 of Family Guy.

Enjoy the recaps as they continue to roll in.

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