Imaginationland part 3

Finally, made it back to recap one of my favorite shows ever.  This is the third part of the classic trilogy from SouthPark.

So good ol butters finally learns that his is going to have to be the hero. He is the only character left that can use his imagination and help all the nice characters out and stop the massacre. Butters tries to do so, but can’t come through and the enemy army keeps getting closer and closer.

Then back away from our imagination, al gore is seen showing his lovely staff the video of the attack at the Pentagon. He shows them that yes indeed, ManBearPig is alive and well and just killed some of the secret agents and military men. He wants to start investigating the incidents.

Kyle, meanwhile has been in a coma. His good pal Cartman has been waiting for Kyle to wake up so he can start prepping his balls for the ultimate suck job. Stan, who got sucked through the vertex is now in Kyle’s imagination and he can actually make contact with him on the other side.

Soon we see big Al Gore at it again. He leaks the ManBearPig video out to the public so they can see what has been happening because last time, he looked like an a-hole. The leaders at the Pentagon come out and say yes, that has happened, but don’t worry we will be dropping an atomic weapon on those fools to protect our imagination. We are brought to a court case next….no not the atomic weapon rights, but to kyle and cartman. These imaginary characters have been ruled as being real….which then means no atomic weapon can be dropped either. Anarchy all over the place here in SouthPark.

Back in Imagination land Butters is still trying to save the world. He is able to help out a little bit and create some characters to help the good guys face all the bad enemies that are trying to destroy the place.

The Supreme Court now gets involved to here the Kyle vs Cartman court case. They overturn the case and say that imaginary characters are not real and that you can use the atomic weapons. Of course that also means the leprechaun wasn’t real and kyle didn’t lose the bet. Stan and kyle talk back and forth and stan pleads with kyle to go stall the launching of the bomb.

Kyle gets out of the hospital and takes off back to the Pentagon. They both break into the Pentagon after not being allowed in. Kyle pleads with the scientists saying that these characters are real and dont bomb them. Cartman overhears this and is joyful because now his salty balls will soon be licked clean by kyle. Then here comes Al Gore again. He breaks into the room and tries to launch the bomb himself because he is scared that the ManBearPig will attack again. He hits the wrong buttons and the portal goes crazy and everyone gets sucked into it, including the atomic missle.

The missle explodes and kills everyone in imagination land. Well almost everyone! Butters somehow lives through the explosion. He is able to bring back everyone to life and imprison all the evil characters. Butters saves the day~!!!

And of course, cartman takes advantage of it and makes duplicates of him and kyle. Kyle is shown sucking off the imaginary cartman. Butters goes home and gets grounded for being a bad boy, again. Poor kid

My favorite episode!

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