ImaginationLand Part 2

Ok, so I got through Imagination Land Part 1 the other day I started posting on my favorite South Park episode.  Today I want to expand on part 2 of that same series.

So the show begins with a recap of the previous episode.  This is of course when terrorists blew up the wall and started to disrupt Imagination Land.


Then they cut to butters where it seems like he’s in bed.  But…that was just a dream and Butters still is actually in Imagination Land.  All the evil starts to attack and kill all the good characters.  The good characters try to fall back to the forest and the castle.

Meanwhile back at the Pentagon headquarters the government is trying to figure out how to get back to Imagination Land.  Stan and Kyle are there trying to help them but actually they seem like they are getting interrogated. Then they drop the ball and tell the boys that they already have a secret door way.

Then the show moves to Cartman and he’s dreaming of the day Kyle gets to suck his balls. It turns into a nightmare because Kyle’s mouth is shut. He wakes up and continues his trek to find where Kyle and Stan went.

The boys start to sing the song that lead them to Imagination Land and the portal starts to see some activity.

Then we are cut back to Butters as he tries to make his way to Castle Sunshine. All the evil characters are trying to come up with a plan to take all of the land over.

Cartman is still trying to make his way to his friends. He calls the Pentagon and they end up telling him their secrets. This all happens as Kyle and Stan are still trying to sing the song to open up the portal. Finally it works and the portal is opened!

The government decides to send someone in just as Butters is almost to Castle Sunshine. The crew they send in is the stargate crew led by kurt russell. He claims that he doesn’t want to go…..and what do you know….cartman crashes through the glass window. Kyle is being forced to go with Cartman to the conference room. The two have a meeting.

Pretty soon Kurt Russell is introduced to the Christmas Critters and meets his gruesome demise. He is no more. The officials try to hurry and shut the portal. Cartman meanwhile is setting up shop in the conference room. He has a camera and put on a big ass cape with a crown on his head.

Uh oh….a disturbance happened and the meeting became interrupted and Cartman missed his chance again. Just as this happens we take another look at Butter as they finally make their way to castle sunshine. Back at the Pentagon, man bear pig walks through the Portal. He wrecks havoc on the whole situation. They reverse the door way, stan gets sucked into it with man bear pig.

Butters has now been arrested for capturing the leprechaun.

Man this is a long recap, haha. I’ll finish later!


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