My Favorite South Park Episode

Ok, so yesterday I discussed what this blog is going to be all about. My love of famous cartoons. I could even through a few other ones in there but decided to cut it down to my 3 favorites – South Park, Family Guy, and The Simpsons.

So today here is the formula. I will be talking about my all-time favorite South Park Episode. It was a tough call as I like so many damn shows. I basically brought it down to two different series. I’m a big trilogy fan and South Park made two of note. The first one was ImaginationLand and the second one was the BP Oil Spill. I can’t remember the actual name of that one. Probably Coon and Friends.


Imagination Land  

So anyways, the ImaginationLand episodes are my all time favorite. I think right now they are probably on my DVR.

Ok, game time! So the first episode starts out with cartman chasing or trying to capture a leprechaun. He bets kyle that if he finds it, kyle would have to suck his balls. Kyle agrees because there is no such thing as leprechauns. Well, guess what? Cartman captures one with his network of helpers! Kyle loses the bet and is going to have to “suck” it up, hahaha see what i did there!

Then we are taken to this weird guy in a balloon. He takes the kids on a little trip. Freaky bruh’s i know! Anyways, they go to this imaginationland place. Ohhh ya the leprechaun was trying to get a message that an attack was coming. So anyways, this balloon guy was trying to get back to relay the message. He sings this weird song and they end up there. Its crazy!

All of the sudden a big bang occurs and there was a terrorist in the episode. Craziness ensued and all these guys kept coming in a shooting up the land. All the famous good characters were shot. The boys got hurt, but managed to be ok.

The next scene shows the boys waking up at home. I think stan calls kyle and is like bruh you’ll never believe this story. He tells him the whole story and kyle is like dude, that happened to me too. So they start to think it’s real. All of the sudden poor little Butters is missing in action. He got left in ImaginationLand.

So everyone begins to go nuts because our imagination got terrorized. I do love the symbolism of this show! We have two conflicts in this series.

  1. The Cartman vs. Kyle Sucking Balls Fight
  2. The Hacking / Destruction of our Imagination

Both are hilarious and funny as hell.  I feel Kyle needs to pay up on his part of the bet.

Poor Butters is stuck in this make believe world.

Ok, that is probably enough of a recap of today. I’m running out of time and actually gotta get some work done. I’ll be back soon – tomorrow – to finish up on the other two episodes of this EPIC series.

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