First Post here Broskies!

What up world!  This is the bomb diggity yo!  Ok, Ok , enough of that jibberish talk, haha.  I’ll be honest, i’m here to have fun and tell the world all about my theme.  Ohhh theme you say?  What is your lil theme for this site there bruh?  TJ my boy always talks about carotoons.  I figured i’d move this page into the world of TJ.  Which surprises me that he watches so much because usually he’s running his Carpet Cleaning Company in Akron.

Oh Well!

I’ve decided to dive into the wonderful world of television cartoons!  This would include the likes of:  The Simpsons, Family Guy, and South Park!.

My three favorite shows and they are all cartoons.  I know, it’s sad really.  But what can I say, I love them.


Simpsons, Family Guy, Southpark

I found this picture and I just couldn’t pass it up.  Ok, so I will start with how I saw my first episode of each one.


The Simpsons

This one has probably been on the air the longest.  Actually I just checked and they have been running for like 25 years.  Wow that’s crazy!  So, when I was like 10 years old it debuted.  I remember it was always on at 8 pm on Sundays.  I would try to watch it as much as possible.  My mom hated the show and would never let us turn to it, but we always found a way.  When I was in college in our bookstore I found The Simpsons manual, which was a book that detailed every episode.  It brought out the key characters and some of the funny quotes and scenes.  It also listed some parts that Simpsons took from other parts of popular culture.  For example the one episode where Bart cuts off the head of a stature.  In a scene they put it in someone’s bed which was also from The Godfather.  So small things like that always made for something interesting.


I don’t know how I felt about this one. It started pretty close to when the original Family Guy came out. I remember my brother coming home and being like, dude you need to watch this show. He said that they were supposed to watch football films, but someone brought in a tape of SouthPark and they sat there and watched it instead. He was like, ya they swear and cuss and its hilarious. So, I soon decided to watch it. I did think it was pretty funny, but the editing was terrible. Little cut-out figures didn’t do a whole lot for me. But again, the more I watched it the funnier it got. AT some point I tried to not even miss a show.

Family Guy

Family Guy first came out when I was in College. I must say that I didn’t get the show at first. My college roommate was in love with it and i’m just like wtf why are you watching that. Soon after a few episodes I started to watch it too. I did begin to find it hilarious. The next thing I knew, it was cancelled. They stopped it so soon. We were pretty disappointed of course. So fast forward a couple years and I saw that they had put out a disk with the first couple seasons on it. So I snatched that sucker up. Apparently they sold a shit ton of them and soon decided that this show is a cash cow. Let’s put it back on the air. The funniest part was that first show of the new season. There’s a scene where Peter Griffin is talking about all the shows that aired between the cancelling and the re opening. They all sucked! I am glad it’s back on the air. I watch them on Netflix all the time because i’m randomly in and out of my house.

Welp, we will have plenty more to come in the near future. Keep checking back to get your adult cartoons updated.

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