Switching Gears to some Family Guy

Alright folks, I went through and explained some good South Park episodes already. I plan on discussing a Family Guy episode or two for the next few blog posts. So Tj, the owner of http://www.akronsbestcarpetcleaning.com and a buddy of mine says he never misses an episode. Usually at 9:32 pm on sunday afternoons I am getting a text from him recapping the show.

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Simpsons, Family Guy, Southpark

First Post here Broskies!

What up world!  This is the bomb diggity yo!  Ok, Ok , enough of that jibberish talk, haha.  I’ll be honest, i’m here to have fun and tell the world all about my theme.  Ohhh theme you say?  What is your lil theme for this site there bruh?  TJ my boy always talks about carotoons.  I figured i’d move this page into the world of TJ.  Which surprises me that he watches so much because usually he’s running his Carpet Cleaning Company in Akron.

Oh Well!

I’ve decided to dive into the wonderful world of television cartoons!  This would include the likes of:  The Simpsons, Family Guy, and South Park!.

My three favorite shows and they are all cartoons.  I know, it’s sad really.  But what can I say, I love them.


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